Contract production, contract bottling, outsourcing of production are all names for the same thing: A product/brand/private label owner (you) who chooses to let an external producer such as Danish Contract Production handle their physical production/bottling/packaging under stringent quality and cleaning requirements, and with proper documentation and traceability. This gives customers great flexibility, many packaging options, low/no fixed costs for production equipment and minimal need for internal production competencies. Not to mention the regulatory requirements for food production. The market is growing rapidly both in Denmark and abroad.

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Danish Contract P roduction is an ISO-certified specialist in contract production of Food and Beverages. Typically, in smaller product ranges. We produce food and beverages in liquid, semi-liquid and granulate form. In many different packaging types, sizes and shapes. Take a closer look under “Services” in the navigation bar or click here. In addition to the production of products such as fondues, sauces, glace, semi-liquid pasta and food granules/spices, one of our major product categories is the production of concentrates/grape must for home brewing. The more modern term is “DIY fermentation” (Do-it-yourself). And it can be fermentation of many things other than grape must. The market for “DIY and Home Fermentation” is growing rapidly – Primarily for 5 reasons:
  1. Fermentation is one of the hottest things in the world of cooking when it comes to creating new taste sensations and UMAMI. You can also achieve that yourself!
  2. The COVID-19 pandemic has given us time and desire to make “Homemade” Not least via fermentation. Just think: sourdough, beer, wine, functional foods and much more.
  3. Many finished products contain a large percentage of water. By carrying out “home production”, as when we deliver must/concentrates, typically the water is only added in association with production and typically from the tap. It is a sustainable production process and can save on a lot of packaging, help to reduce large amounts of transport, save on large amounts of water, etc., plus reducing some of the exceptionally large stocks we see in warehouses dotting our landscape. All with a reduction in CO2 emissions as an end result.
  4. When you produce products yourself, you know what additives are put in the product.
  5. When “home production/brewing” alcohol products such as beer, wine, cider, etc., you typically save on the alcohol tax.
We must also keep in mind the “cosiness and excitement” of having produced products ourselves. There is plenty to talk about at the dinner table. You may have another reason or need. Whatever your need, do not hesitate to give us a call or send us a short e-mail. We know we can help you. If not ourselves, we have a large contact network as we are a member of the European (and American) association of Contact Producers and can draw on our network to produce specific products.

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