Inventory holding of raw materials

Danish Contract Production has space and systems to stock raw materials and packaging that are closely related to production for the next period, so that we can easily “pick” from our “production warehouse”.

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Assistance with inventory holding raw materials

Typically, the stock volume we can offer you for raw materials and packaging is included in negotiations with subcontractors. Not least, including minimum and “just-in-time” deliveries. Therefore, if you want to have a “production warehouse” with us, it makes exceptionally good sense for us to participate in/carry out negotiations with subcontractors. Then, together with you, we can see and assess how we can obtain the best and cheapest access to the right raw materials/packaging at the optimal time. Your raw materials and packaging may have some extremely specific storage requirements, which we must investigate further to give you a quote for inventory holding. Send us an e-mail or a call immediately, so we can quickly assess your requirements and look at whether it makes sense businesswise for both you and us that Danish Contract Production handles the inventory holding.
Warehouse logistics is important

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